5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Treat Yourself

We get so caught up in work, school and life that we forget about something important…we forget about taking care of ourselves. Self-care is so important. With the stress of balancing what life throws at you, you can forget what it feels like to take time for yourself.

#1 Taking a break is good.

We are most definitely workaholics. We are all busy, and we all have our priorities, – school, work, homework, studying, meeting deadlines, etc. Sometimes we forget to think that our own happiness should always be a priority. What you need is a break.

If you can take at least an hour break everyday (if you can do more, that is fantastic), you will feel a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders. Go workout, have a spa day, read a book…do something for you. Take this moment to breathe; take a moment to clear your mind; take a moment just for you.

#2 You will feel rejuvenated.

Your mind and body work as one. If one doesn’t work, then the other won’t work either. You want to go through your days feeling young and lively. You don’t want to go through each day dreading the next. It will take a toll on you.

When you take time for yourself to rejuvenate, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on anything. Do something that doesn’t stress you out. Restore your mental and physical state. Your mind is only as good as your, body and your body is only as good as your mind.

#3 It increases your motivation.

Everyone needs to recharge. People try to just go, go, go, but eventually you burn yourself out. Take things one step at a time. The test you have tomorrow that you have been studying hours for? Take a break. Refuel your brain with some food or a good workout. Do something that will help you get motivated again.

Part of your recharge sesh should include taking the time to sit down and remember your goals. Don’t work for a C so you can pass the class, strive for the B because you can do it. You’re in school to work hard. You can reach your goals as long as you set your mind to it.

#4 Your positive energy will radiate from you to your family and friends.

Energy is all around us. When our friends are excited, we feel excited. When our dogs are sad, we feel sad. When your sibling is upset and crying, you can’t help but feel upset.

Your family and friends always notice you. They can tell the difference between you being happy and you being distressed. When you don’t take time for yourself, it will reflect on your attitude. Tell your family that you are okay and will be taking that much needed break or vacation. Take a moment to see the positive things happening in your life, and be with your friends.

Don’t dwell on the negatives. Love and accept yourself. Laugh and Smile. Be in the moment.

#5 Above all, you are you, and you deserve it.

Don’t forget that you work hard. You have worked hard to get where you are. You have worked too hard to not be happy. Always take time to treat yourself because in the long run, your mental and physical state depend on you.

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