The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a student news source in which young adults from various universities write and produce various news articles. The Odyssey Online allows students to operate through an online system with an Editor-in-Chief and other people in positions with writers.

Through The Odyssey, I was able to write articles on topics that I showed interest in, along with what type of style of articles I wanted to do.

Below are links to the articles I wrote in my time with The Odyssey. They are in no particular order and are not in order of publication date.


A Letter To My Future G-Little

What It Means To Be A Big

11 Reasons To Date A Fraternity Man

10 Reasons To Go Greek

Panhellenic Friendships

Thank You To Our Orientation Guides


Reasons To Go To NITC

Reasons to Attend EDC: Las Vegas

The Best Guide To October Events in Reno

A Guide To November Events In The Biggest Little City

How To Paint A Cooler In Eight Easy Steps

Advantages Of Living At Home For College

A Letter To My High School Best Friends