7 Types of People You’ll Find on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is such a cute, interesting “holiday.” People have mixed emotions about it. Some love it, some hate it, and some don’t really care. I like the holiday, but I don’t love it. I do love the Valentine’s Day candy, and I do love being able to give people extra love. This day is just full of such positive vibes.

We have all noticed a handful of different people this holiday brings out, and I’ve narrowed the top seven I’ve noticed! What kind of person are you?


#1 The person who is in a committed relationship

This person has probably been in a long-term relationship for a year or more. They are dating someone they are madly in love with. They’re probably #couplegoals on Instagram. They could even be engaged or married.

They may be a couple that likes to celebrate during a nice dinner date or they may be the ones who would prefer to stay at home and spend private time with one another. Whatever type of couple they are, they are cherishing the moments of the day and their time with each other.

giphy (1)

#2 The person against Valentine’s Day

This person absolutely despises everything and anything related to Valentine’s Day. They probably look forward to the end of Valentine’s Day as much as they do their birthday. The only thing they look forward to may be the sale on the Valentine’s Day candy (But I definitely look forward to that too).

giphy (5)

#3 The person with high expectations

We all have expectations. Movies and television shows don’t help with what we envision. Sometimes we expect dinner and presents and flowers to happen one way, but then the night goes another direction. Don’t forget that your special someone is only human – just tell them exactly what you want because they can’t read your mind.

giphy (4)

#4 The person who forgot what day it was

This person has other things on their mind or doesn’t have Valentine’s Day as a priority. There’s nothing wrong with forgetting the day. When you do remember, make sure you tell the people you love, you still love them.

giphy (3)

#5 The person who had a recent break-up

A recent break-up probably means this person wants nothing to do with love. They try to stay away from all things Valentine’s. They will probably be spending the day with their best pals so they can forget about the past or they’re probably at home catching up on their favorite show on Netflix. They could also be moving on and going on a new date.

giphy (6)

#6 The hopeless romantic

This person is in love with love. All they want in life is to be in love and to love endlessly. They wish to have the Valentine’s Day of their dreams – to be treated with presents and showered with love. They are THE hopeless romantic.

giphy (2)

#7 The person that says it’s single awareness day

They don’t necessarily hate Valentine’s Day, but they don’t love it. This person is probably the type of person to spend the day with their best pals and to celebrate the single life. Galentine’s Day or Broentine’s Day is the day for friends.

However how you feel about Valentine’s Day, remember to love yourself and to take care of yourself. The most important person in your life will always be you.

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