Review: A Jam Packed Country Performance for The Biggest Little City

You’re in your boots walking into the Reno Events Center. People everywhere holding their drinks, dancing with their friends, singing their lungs out, phones out…you have officially entered the country zone – The Weekend Warrior World Tour (zone) to be exact.

The Weekend Warrior World Tour was no disappointment. With performances from Lindsay Ell, Chase Bryant, Dustin Lynch, and Brad Paisley, how could the night not be as rad as it was? The energy radiating from the performers and the crowd made you want the night to last all night long.

Lindsay Ell in the Reno Events Center

The night kicked off with Lindsay Ell. People were instantly getting into the music and her. She started her set playing the guitar and dancing her way on stage.

Ell had people dancing and rocking out. Her music incorporated elements of different genres of music within her country style, making you feel as if you entered a whole new world of music.

Chase Bryant in the Reno Events Center

Next comes, the one and only Chase Bryant. Bryant had people singing and swaying back and forth right away.

There was a moment in his performance when he went downstage and reminded us to thank our veterans – that we wouldn’t be where we are without them. After that moment of inspiration, he moved on to singing “Pink House” by John Mellencamp. You couldn’t feel more American as you did during that song.

Dustin Lynch in Reno Events Center

Dustin Lynch is one of my all-time favorite country artists. I first saw him back in 2014 at Carson Valley Inn, and he put on a phenomenal performance. Last Saturday night was no different. His energy and passion for his music most definitely shows as he is performing.

Lynch is an artist that makes his fans feel as if he is singing to each and every one of them. He interacted with people as much as he could from the stage and kept such a smiling, stellar attitude on stage that you couldn’t not be enjoying yourself. He and his band were in perfect sync as they performed and as even as they moved across the stage. The cheers and screams and sing-a-longs from the crowd showed that they agreed as well.

Brad Paisley in Reno Events Center

The cheers were no different for Brad Paisley. His entrance got people on their feet as the screen playing behind him brought the show and the people together. The magnitude of his stage set-up, his band, his entrance – everything – was just amazing. Integrating Reno into the video brought people screaming for more.

Paisley walked downstage and got people cheering as he played guitar and flew through the notes as if he was writing a book. It makes you wonder how many times he has done that with such ease.

The Weekend Warrior Tour was definitely a treat for country fans in Reno, Nevada. If the Reno Events Center was any bigger, there is no doubt it would have been just as jam-packed and energy-filled as it was on Saturday.

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