Perks to Having a Sister

Feature Image Credit: Ashlyn Moreno

Having a sister is like having a whole extra person in your life that you didn’t even ask for, but you know you couldn’t imagine how life would be without her. I couldn’t tell you how I felt when I found out I was going to have a sister, but I do remember a lot of experiences we had together when we were younger, and I wouldn’t change them.

Whether you have a younger or older sister, you know they’ll always be there for you. Here are my top eight perks to having a sister.

#1 She’s obligated to be your best friend.


Your sister has always been and always will be a part of your life. No matter how many times you fight or get aggravated with each other, you are able to come back together. No fight ever lasts forever.

#2 You can tell each other anything.

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She’s the only one who will ever understand every bit of your life story and is the only one who knows what you’ve been through; she may not know how you’re truly feeling, but she always tries to understand. She’s your number one fan and will always want to help you figure out what’s best for you and vice versa. She’s like your life coach.

#3 She will be your maid of honor.

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You never have to go through the decision-making process of selecting a maid of honor. It’s not even a choice if you have a sister.

Luckily, I only have one sister otherwise I don’t know how I would pick.

#4 You have someone to hang out with.

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You never have to be alone. You can always cling to each other at social gatherings or family functions or even festivals. Need someone to go to a coffee shop with or someone to watch a new Netflix show? Ask your sister.

#5 She’s brutally honest.

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Plain and simple – she’s going to tell you the truth and probably won’t spare your feelings unless absolutely necessary. We’re always trying to read people and find out what they’re thinking about us, and we just end up pining over trying to figure it out. Why go through the mind games when you can go straight to your sister for the honesty?

I will tell you that Catherine has been 98% honest about my interests, my complaining, my fashion sense, and just about everything – in the best way possible. The other 2% is her laying it on me nicely since I’m “sensitive.”

#6 You always have a shopping buddy.

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She encourages your shopping addiction; she probably shares your shopping addiction. Your sister makes for the perfect company when looking for a brand new birthday outfit and vice versa.

#7 You have your own personal fashion advisor.


She is ready to tell you if you should say “yes to the dress” or a brutal “uh no.”

My sister will tell me when I’m dressing like an old lady or if something makes me look like a square. That just goes back to her being brutally honest with me; also I’m sure it’s because she doesn’t want to be embarrassed with me around (but I’m just embarrassing in general).

#8 She is the best photographer.

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She knows all your favorite and best angles – probably even some you didn’t realize you would like. She knows how your hair should be positioned; she knows how to position you to make sure you don’t look like the hunchback of Notre Dame; she just knows how to take your picture.

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