Keep Calm and Spring On

I’m not really a spring or summer person, but I love that I can wear some of my favorite rompers and dresses out in this warm weather. Warm weather brings out the best in people (most of the time), and I’m sure we’re all ready to bring out our cutest clothes.

Let New Adventures Begin

If you are in need of a photographer, Lori Berg is the person to go to. I’ve known her for a few years now, and she is the sweetest person ever. She shoots such beautiful photos in natural lighting and brings out the warm tones in the photos. I am literally in love with all my photos.

She is down for an adventure and will recommend a photoshoot location for you. If you’re not a huge model (aka like me), she will have a bunch of poses and ideas ready for you to try out. Before the end of the shoot, she’ll make sure you were happy with poses you did or if there was anything else you wanted to try out. If I didn’t already know her before the shoot, I’m sure I would still have felt just as comfortable during the photoshoot as I already did.


Bloom and Grow

Warm weather means it’s time to bring out those cute spring clothes that have been hiding in the back of your closet. I’m more of a winter person and own mainly winter clothes, but I’m excited to be able to wear rompers and dresses that I do own when I’m out and about.

Jumpsuit | from Nomad Boutique

The jumpsuit I am wearing is a size small. It has leg slits and is pretty flowy at the bottom. It is definitely not for someone that is my height (I’m 5’3″), but when it’s paired with the perfect wedges, it makes for a great outfit for brunch or a day outing. I would honestly wear it to work if I didn’t have to wear three-inch high wedges.

I am absolutely in love with the leg slits on the jumpsuit. When I first tried it on, I wasn’t sure if I liked how it looked because the leg slits threw me off, and I have never seen them on a jumpsuit before, but I ended up falling in love with how it looked. The leg slits help make the jumpsuit more suitable for casual wear.

Alternatives with various styles and colors: Garden Party Jumpsuit from Nomad BoutiqueShoptiquesForever 21American EagleUrban Outfitters

Shoes | Light Brown Wedges

I honestly can’t remember where I bought my wedges, but they are my favorite pair that I own. I can only walk in super tall wedges or heels so these were the perfect fit; they add about three inches to my height. The best part about light brown wedges is that it can go with practically any outfit.

Alternatives with various styles and colors: NordstromMacy’s 

Hat | Light Tan Felt Hat

I borrowed my sister’s hat for the photoshoot, and I’m glad I did. Lori actually recommended that I bring one. A hat can be an excellent addition for any outfit, and I have been super into wearing them lately.

Alternatives with various styles: Anna Felt Panama Hat from Urban OutfittersForever 21VICI

I can’t wait to show you how the rest of the photoshoot with Lori went later this month!

_DSC0194 copy

15837_Melissa Jane Ung_A 1

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