The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

The first day of spring was on the 20th, but I wish it could be winter forever. I was born in January so I am a winter baby through and through. I would rather pile on the layers to warm up than to figure out how to cool down.

Snow Adventures with Melissa^2

I am so excited to finally share the rest of this photoshoot with Melissa Vargas. I have been counting down the days until I could share this blog post.

We did this part of the photoshoot by the Truckee River by Hub Coffee Roasters. I was suppose to wear nude platform heels with the dress, but the snow definitely prevented me from doing that (I still wanted my ankles to be in tact). I ended up wearing the heels I wore from the first half of the photoshoot. I also definitely had frozen toes, but anything for a photoshoot.

We were going to do most of the photoshoot indoors, but luckily it was sunny outside. I was so happy that Melissa suggested we go outside by the river because the dress in the snow was just so beautiful. Melissa made sure to get different angles so she could catch the dress sparkling in the sun. I’m gonna be honest that pictures will never do this dress any justice. I love seeing it in person.


Life is a Beautiful Thing

This outfit makes me wish that it was still acceptable for me to go to formals (RIP adult proms). But at least I can still enjoy wearing them to things like photoshoots.

IMG_2605Dress | Upstage Rose Gold Sequin Maxi from Nomad Boutique ($79)

I will say this all the time and every time…Nomad Boutique has the best clothes. It is my favorite boutique to go to in Reno.

I am wearing a size small, and it wasn’t too tight or uncomfortable. It hugs your curves just right. I’m not extremely short (just 5’3″), but I was slightly too short for the dress, even when I wore my tallest heels. The dress was hemmed by a family friend and the length was perfect after that. For those of you wondering the brand of the dress is L’ATISTE BY AMY

Two of my favorite things about this gown are (1) it is rose gold, and (2) it has SO MUCH GLITTER (You knew where the photoshoot was happening because you could follow the glitter trail). I am the type of person that is obsessed with glitter. Whenever I crafted in college, most of my crafts had chunks of glitter. There’s still glitter that I can’t get rid of from crafting in my room.

IMG_2591Hair | by Jourdin Niichel at Salon Lux

I am so grateful for Jourdin for styling my hair. It was a last minute scheduling, but she was able to fit me in.

I met up with Jourdin early before my photoshoot. I had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted to do with my hair, but me being indecisive, I didn’t really have an idea at the same time. I brought picture samples I found and told her that I knew I definitely wanted my hair to be half up-half-down. I showed her a photo of the dress, and she knew exactly how to style my hair.

She finished styling my hair in a little under an hour, and the end result was perfect for me. Not to complicated but curled and up enough to my liking.

IMG_2574Corsage | by The Stem

Located in The Basement, this unique piece was created by Charlie from The Stem. I went to The Stem looking to put a flower bouquet together, but Charlie made me realize that I didn’t want to steal attention away from the dress and that I could get something more simple like a corsage. I had absolutely no idea how I wanted the corsage to look, but Charlie put the creative pieces together for me. I couldn’t head back to The Stem later in the evening to pick up the corsage, but Charlie was so accommodating and left it for me to pick up early the next morning before the photoshoot. (Side notes: I purchased my ring stack from Honey & Goldies, one of my favorite jewelry stores in Reno. Nails were done by Makenna at 228 & Co.)

If you are a high schooler looking for a different kind of corsage, I 10/10 recommend making a stop by The Stem. If you’re looking for a bouquet for that special someone, The Stem is the place to go. They will help you with customizing your one-of-a-kind piece.

Looks like it’s almost time to get ready to say “Goodbye” to winter, and “Hello” to spring in The Biggest Little City.


15837_Melissa Jane Ung_A 1

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