The Types of People You Notice At The Gym

Gyms are filled with all types of people and personalities who have different reasons to workout. Sometimes people go to the gym to forget about the stresses of their day. Sometimes people go because they want to be a better version of themselves. Whatever reason you have for going to the gym, cheers to you for taking the step towards a healthier lifestyle.

You will meet or notice different people at the gym the more often and the longer you go. Here is a break down of ten personalities I’ve noticed at the gym.

#1 Your #MondayMotivation

Everyone has someone they look up to – whether it’s your personal trainer, a pro fitness competitor or your friend, you have someone. This person is the person you go to when you need advice or when you need someone to remind you why you should keep pushing to lose that weight or to keep training to do a competition.


#2 The Music Blaster

This person is getting into their groove and blasting their music. Sometimes it may be a wee-bit too loud, but we all have our own thing that helps us get a good workout. I know I definitely get pumped up to a good song.

#3 The Regular

The regular is at the gym every single day and probably sticks to a strict routine. They make sure they have the time to get their workout in during their hectic day.

#4 The Newbie

It can be difficult wanting to sign-up for a gym membership and having the motivation to go. The equipment can be intimidating to use if you’ve never used it before. Snaps to the newbie in the gym trying out equipment and stepping out of their comfort zone. This person is motivated to reach their fitness goals.


#5 The Gym Rat

You see them so often that you wonder if they even go home. They eat, sleep, and breath the gym. They are pretty much the gym.

#6 The Grunter

This person is a pusher. They are probably power lifting or squatting with an immense amount of weight. They could probably tone it down just a little bit, but this person sure is motivated to get that last rep in.

#7 The Fit Couple

Can you say #RelationshipGoals? They are each other’s support systems and biggest fitness influencers. The hard work they put in really shows. A couple that sweats together, stays together.

giphy (1)

#8 The Gym Selfie Queen (or King)

Did you even go to the gym if you didn’t take a picture? We all take the occasional photo and post it on social media. Then, there is always that one person who takes a picture every time they’re at the gym. They’re just feeling themselves and proud to show off their hard work. With social media playing a huge role in storytelling these days, you can’t miss the opportunity for a transformation photo.

#9 The No- Sweat Gym Attendee

For some reason, this person doesn’t sweat. It’s like sweat doesn’t even exist. It makes you wonder if they even worked out even though you were standing right next to them the whole time they were.

#10 The Competitive Rando

We all have a competitive side inside of us. Sometimes we like to race that person next to us on the treadmill without them knowing you’re trying to beat them. Nothing feels better than a sense of accomplishment and winning.

At one point of our gym-going lives, we will probably be all these personalities. You do you, and keep staying motivated for your healthy lifestyle.

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