The Start of a Video Series

Post-grad life is always something every graduate has to figure out. Whether it be searching for a job or working a job, you have to find new ways to keep yourself busy. College always gave you the opportunity to go to events or to do things without having to actually plan them. Setting new goals is key.

Now actually being in post-grad life has taught me to find hobbies and really develop things I have been meaning to work on. Creating my brand, starting an image for my website and working out have really been at the top of my list.

Not only have I developed these new hobbies, but my geed boyfriend and I have decided to start a video series as a part of a shared hobby. Creating a story board, shooting video, and learning to edit are things that we have recently come to want to learn. We have much to improve and learn about, but this is the start of our video series on our adventures. We’re still in the works of a name as part of our brand, but we’re learning.

I present the first video of our series taken from our adventures in July 2017.

(Here is the link if you can’t see it on your mobile device:

15837_Melissa Jane Ung_A 1

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